Thursday, 29 March 2012

March 29th, 2012

What a long day...and not in a good way!  Andy's been away in London for two days so I've been on my own, which I've not enjoyed as much as you'd think!  I like a bit of time to myself sometimes but I hate being on my own in the evenings, cooking for one, makes me thankfully that I've got someone to cook for/with! 

Someone who, in 6 months from today, I'll be married to!  6 months!  That's really not time at all is it?  It's going to fly by I'm sure, only feels like two minutes since we booked it, I'm sure we'll be sat looking at the photos of the day before we know it!  We're all organised too, got my best friend and Maid of Honour coming to stay this weekend to do some dress shopping (for her!) and that's the last big thing to sort...I told you this wedding planning thing was easy!!

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  1. I enjoy having a bit of time on my own, but not too much, I know what you mean about the evenings though. Enjoy your shopping week end.

    Jan x