Wednesday, 21 March 2012

March 21st, 2012

Ohhh The Apprentice is back, I love this show but as a self-employed person it frustrates the life out of me!

The "crafty" lot reading this I'm sure will appreciate my point here....tonight's task was to come up with a design, choose a load of blank products, screen print the design onto those products and sell them. Yes, because it's THAT simple!  That's why all us designer makers are millionaires! 

It's made to look so easy, the amount of capital needed even to set up the girls' market store would reach thousands (unless you happen to have a spare heat-press in your attic?!)

And on that note, I shall be going to bed ready to get up tomorrow, spend the entire day at my sewing machine then work hard to sell my products...! #NotBitterAtAll  !

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  1. Hi Lucy

    I saw the show and couldn't believe what a mess the guys made of the bags and their lack of originality. You won't have to worry about competition from them they were useless. It was a complete fluke that they won.