Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Handbag Chain Emergency!!!

Hoping one of you lovely craft people can help me!!!

I'm absolutely desperate for somewhere I can get 45" handbag chain - my usual supplier is out of stock and I need about 10 chains by Friday!

I've searched all the usual places without success, any ideas would be much appreciated!!!



Sunday, 20 November 2011

My New Bags!!

I'm so excited to finally introduce you all to my new bags!  They've been a little while coming but they're ready and waiting to go now!

A little while ago I started making metal-framed clutches, they've proved to be really popular but a lot of people were put off buying them because they didn't trust themselves not to lose a clutch, and would really prefer an over-the-shoulder bag.  I must admit I found it a bit frustrating, as it makes the ranges more complicated to start offering variations, but now - problem solved!!  Yes, the new Lucy Liz bags are both a shoulder bag AND a clutch - everyone's a winner!!

And here it is!  This bag is my favourite so far, stunning images of vintage Paris with a brushed bronze frame.  As you can see there's a good long chain handle (45" to be precise), and not only does the chain un-clip from the bag but the hoops fold away so you're left with a clutch bag, only without the empty loops.

Chuffed to pieces with these, they had their first run with the public yesterday and went down so well, I have high hopes!!

Now going to try and link into Wendy's fabulous Handmade Monday blog, fingers crossed!


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Inspiration at Seek and Adore

Seek and Adore is a fabulous site, dedicated to finding and promoting distinctive and unusual handmade products.  I was lucky enough to be invite to sell with Seek and Adore back in April and I'm so pleased to see it getting such great publicity, it deserves it!

Anyways,  Dominic Lutyens writes about contemporary art and fashion for The Guardian, The Telegraph and Elle Decoration, and he has picked the pieces he adores from the designer makers at Seek and Adore.

Take a look, you might recognise some of the products he chose!