Sunday, 18 March 2012

March 18th, 2012

Yet again it's the end of another busy weekend, they're flying by so quickly at the moment!

It's been a weekend of wedding plans for us, hammering out some details with the venue, RSVPs are coming back to's all starting to feel very real!

Also got to spend some time with my lovely Mum yesterday, I hate not to see her on Mother's Day but geography is against us sometimes!  She bought us such a fab little pressie though, I unwrapped this packet and it's a white ceramic chess piece, really big it's about a foot tall.  I love it, really quirky, but then it turns out that the piece is a King, which will be my new surname - clever gift!!  Possibly a gift that was a little too clever for a non-chess player but I love, very thought out!!

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