Saturday, 24 September 2011

How utterly rubbish am I? There I was, all full of blogging-beans, and what happened?! Must keep on top of this - must do better!!

Thought today I'd introduce you all to my litle clutch bags. As a lot of you know my "speciality" is felting, but I'm also such a massive fan of surface design and print, so when I came across these fabrics I just thought it would be criminal not to use them!!!

In the range so far we've got newspaper-print, animal prints, butterflies, birds, landmarks...there's definitely something for everyone in the range and it's getting bigger by the day!!

Most of you won't know that I actually made clutches a few years ago, but the biggest development - which has definitely been a change for the better - is the addition of the metal top frame. They've given my bags a stability and professional finish that I just wasn't able to achieve with my original bags, and you can't go wrong with a bit of shine huh!!!

Whilst the outsides of the bags are cotton, I've of course lined them with felt (couldn't leave it out now could I?!) for a good, long lasting bag that'll be with you for all occassions.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Finally Made It Blog

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Linda who featured a Lucy Liz clutch bag in her fabulous blog this week!  For those who didn't see my links over on Facebook, take a look here:

Linda has a great blog dedicated to showcasing the hand-made goodies she finds on Folksy.  I think it's a wonderful idea, us handmade-ers need as much promo as we can get so it's brilliant to have people like Linda paying attention to our work and sharing it with the world!

Long may it continue!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

All You Need Is Love!

As well as the bigger pieces I make, I always like to have a good range of little "bits"...I'm sure everyone knows we're not in the best of times financially so I like to have a selection of little somethings for people to treat themselves (or others) to - we might all be skint but we all still deserve a little pressie every now and then!! 

My favourite of my little somethings is my love heart brooches.  There are two types, some entirely felt, and some felt and fabric, in lots of prints and colours so there's something for everyone.  And of course, no product of mine is complete without a button or several! ;-)

I love the felt hearts, I'm such a felt fan anyway and it really lends itself to being cut and manipulated when I stuff the hearts.  Style-wise I'm so pleased with these but if I'm to continue them I must learn to blanket stitch faster!!  They take forever!!!

The other batch are these fabric ones - fabric on the front, felt on the back, and they actually match my fabric clutch bag range (which, unless you've checked my Facebook or website you won't have seen yet!)  These are cut using those zig-zag scissors -  I want to call them pinking shears (spelling?!) but that reminds me of sometheing you'd use in gardening...anyways, that's what I use, and they're very effective but my goodness are they heavy!  I might be able to make the products quicker but I always have to allow for the time lost to hand cramp!!

Friday, 2 September 2011

British Summertime - Was That It?!

Well, blinked and you missed it, I think that's our summer been and gone!  I vaguely remember a weekend of tanning back in April but I think that was about it...time to be getting out the winter accessories!

Personally I love Autumn / Winter, I love the colours, the textiles, and all that wool!!  This is the time of year when I really get busy with my scarves, lots more selling and promoting, and inevitably a lot more knitting!  I actually knit all year round so I'm sure picking up the pace won't be too much hassle!

So I thought I'd introduce you all to my scarf range...there's 10 in the range in total (must get the last one on my site!), all with their own vivid colour palates, there's certainly something for everyone.  They're chunky too, I always say if you're going to wear an accessory then wear it loudly, for everyone to notice. 

You might be wondering about the names too...well, I'm really not very good at naming things, can never settle on the perfect one which results in a lot of wasted hours.  Girls names seemed like a good choices so I looked around and apparently the answer was staring me in the face.  My Mum, Ruth, is one of 8 children, 6 of whom are girls so that was Patti (actually Patsy), Lizzy, Katie, Anne, Maggie and Ruth sorted.  Grace, Rebecca and Samantha (the missing scarf!) are three of my cousins, and Helen is my best friend, though incidently I also have a cousin called Helen, so it's quite a family affair!!!

Think I've done enoug talking about them - go have a look!!!