Monday, 9 January 2012

January 9th, 2012

My new bag!!!  It's been a while since I showed you all one of these huh!!!

Following on from the success of the New York bag I decided to keep the theme going, this one is all Vegas Baby! 

The new style of bags are going down really well too!  For those who missed my original blog about it my bags now come with chains that can be unclipped and the hoops fold away, so you're left with a clutch bag only without the empty hoops sticking up.  Genius!!  Hope you all like this one as much as I do!

*Ohh!  Almost forgot!  It's Handmade Monday over at Wendy's place!!


  1. That fabric is amazing! Love the design.

  2. Love the bag - a lot of fun! I love the new style too, such a brilliant idea.

  3. Lovely bag!

    2012 sounds like its going to be a great New Year for you, with the wedding and all that that entails. Lots of preparation. Well done on meeting your New Year resolutions!

  4. Happy New year. What a fabulous bag - love the material you have used. I like that it can be quickly turned into a clutch bag - very smart.

  5. Well, that is just really cool looking! You do such great work. Happy New Year!

  6. What a fab bag - love the fabric!
    Happy New Year!
    Jo x