Saturday, 14 January 2012

January 14th, 2012

As I've been blogging daily, it's not too surprising that each blog has been about what I've done that day!  Well, today's is a little my Mum and I went on the first wedding dress shopping trip!  Great day with lots of laughs, but I found a dress which is in the running to be THE dress and so no way am I a) giving away any details about it in a blog, and b) posting a pic of it!!!!!!

So today was spent mainly breathing in, being wrenched and heaved into dresses I could barely move in, let alone sit or speak in...lots of talk about exercise, which bit of weight I wanted to lose and where from and how I was going to do it, all very positive, and then I came home and cooked this:

Yes, I give you The Parmo!  Stay with me on this, you might think it looks horrific but I swear once you've had one there's no going back!  The Parmesan (Parmo for short) is a dish created in Stockton on Tees/Middlesbrough where I'm from, it's something you'd get from a takeaway after a night out in the way you might get a burger or kebab.  Basically it's chicken or pork escalope which is deep fried then covered in bechamel sauce and cheese - served in a polystyrene tray with plastic knife and fork, garlic sauce and a bit of dodgy salad, it is a dream!!!

Sadly they're only available back oop north so when I moved to Cheshire I had to start making my own - mine are "slightly" healthier - the breaded chicken is oven cooked rather than fried...actually that's about the only difference, in fact I serve mine with chips so in reality the original version is probably healthier!!

Either way - I'm not sure this is what a great wedding dress diet is made of!

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