Friday, 6 January 2012

January 6th, 2012

I am, without question, the most OCD person I know.  It actually has gone beyond funny into quite serious!  Andy and I watched a dramatisation of the life of JK Rowling a few nights ago, I was saying how I'd love to write a book but Andy quite rightly pointed out that I'd never get a book written because I'd never be able to settle on a) the choice of the paper/book to write it, and b) the perfect pen to write in said book.  And it's true!  That's exactly how I am!  Which is what makes today's photo so bad!

This is the mess behind my sewing machine.... can someone so anal about everything live like this?!   I really am such a contradiction, so tomorrow I am having a MAJOR tidy up.  Receipts will be filed, books on shelves, mug tree ... not entirely sure why there's a mug tree there but hey ho!  This time tomorrow I will have found our table!!!

P.S. Happy Birthday Kitts x



  1. I think I could feel right at home behind your sewing machine ;-)

  2. My work desk looks very similar especially while I'm creating.