Sunday, 29 January 2012

January 29th, 2012

How on earth is it Sunday night already?!  I'm sure I was only just celebrating the fact it was Friday!!  Oh well!

Lovely weekend, finally got to see one of my bags in the press yesterday, and today it featured somewhere else, this time in - see!

Again it's just crazy to see my "brand" next to names like Monsoon and Accessorize but it's certainly something I could get used to!!

In other news, 8 months to go until the wedding!!  Went over to the Wedding Fayre at Tatton Park today just to get a few ideas, we're actually so far along with the organising that the wedding fayres aren't that much help as we already have the venue, photographer, stationary, cake etc but it great to see things 'in the flesh' when so much of our research has been done based on photographs.

All in all a good weekend, here's looking forward to another productive week!

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