Saturday, 7 July 2012

July 7th, 2012

Would you believe I've only just watched Apollo 13 for the first time?!  Well worth waiting for though, loved it!

I've always been obsessed with space, as a kid I used to love the illustrations of space and the planets in the front of my Mum's atlas.  On a clear night you'll always find me somewhere just looking up!

I always wanted to go to space too.  You see, and this drives Andy mad, I have no concept of space not having an edge..!  Like now I'm sitting on our sofa, which is inside our living room which is inside our house etc, I just can't grasp that space isn't inside anything, that you could travel through it forever and never hit the end!  How can that be?!

I would love to go to the moon but I think it would affect me beyond belief.  There's reports of these guys that have been to the moon, or even just up in those planes that take you up to where you can see the edge of the atmostphere before space, and they see the earth and how magnificent it is that when they get back to their normal lives, nothing quite matches up again.  I think I'd be like that, everything else would just seen so insignificant.  I also think I'd crave to go back - we all have those moments when you just need to remove yourself from everyone and everything and have some "alone time", what better alone time than sitting on the moon huh?!!!

I'm thinking it's probably not going to happen though, so for now, I'll stick to having my head in the clouds.

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