Monday, 23 July 2012

July 23rd, 2012

After weeks and weeks of hard work, I think we're just about there...spent today making the last batch of new bags  and purses to send off to be photographed, then it's serious marketing!

So excited for it all to be done, sitting here now I can see 8 - yes, 8! - new bags, and that's not even all of them!  It's certainly been a labour of love but I'm more than sure it'll have been worth it when everything's finished - and not long until I can show everyone!

Also had a very exciting email from a contact I made at the Comic Con event, it's always so lovely to get follow-up business after an event, it's nice to know that people saw what you did and went away and thought about it...nice, nice day today, here's to tomorrow being just as good!

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