Sunday, 15 July 2012

July 13th & 14th 2012

OK, so a little bit of a cheat, but I'm putting these days together because they were essentially one day!

Springsteen at Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park, so after a 3.30am get up it was more queues, more numbers and more roll calls before the most dreaded run in venue history...I swear, the entrance to the front row barrier is a good 1km, which when you're sprinting is absolute killer.  And then, just in case we weren't tired enough, we were stood at that front row barrier for 11 HOURS!!!!

It's not quite as bad as it sounds, we were in at 12 and the first support act came on at 2pm so there was a steady stream of entertainment on the run up to 7pm when it was officially Boss Time!!  Amazing show, there's been plenty of reports about them cutting the sound for breaking the curfew but it was a brilliant night non the less. 

Hyde Park is a mess.  The combination of the amount of rain we've had and the Wireless festival last weekend made it essentially into a paddy field, which they then covered in wood chips to try and make safer.  They actually did a pretty good job, though the wood stunk to high heaven so it wasn't too pleasant, but truly worth every minute!!!!

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