Saturday, 21 July 2012

July 21st, 2012

MENTAL day!  After weeks of hard work, today we finally gathered up the latest Lucy Liz handbag collection..and took it to Comic Con!

It was unreal! The event was in Manchester, and I honestly have never seen anything like it.  Almost everyone was there in costume which was just brilliant, the amount of effort and enthusiasm that had gone into them was great to see, and these guys do detail!  No costume was without the appropriate props, from tiny name badges to massive weapons, not a detail was missed. 

And I'm pleased to report it was a brilliant day for Lucy Liz too!  I kept this project really quiet and the stuff isn't online yet as I was using today very much as a trial to test the water with it all, and I'm so pleased with how well it went, and I'm definitely putting the stuff on the site now!!!

Thanks to all for a great day!

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