Thursday, 28 June 2012

June 28th, 2012

I've just realised why the June 26th post didn't work...I was in the middle of a spider attack when I was doing it!

I say spider attack - there was a spider, which to me, is an attack.  A complete violation to me and my home!  Made worse by the fact that Andy was working away so I had to "deal with it" alone!  Deal with it is probably an exaggeration of what I did actually, it ran underrneath a cushion I threw so I beat hell out of the cushion and ran away!

Went to bed scared to death, got up the next morning and after spending a good half hour plucking up the courage, I moved the cushion...and it wasn't there! Back to square one!!!  So as far as I'm concerned it's loose, wild.  Everyone else says it's "gone back to wherever it came from" but I can't help but feel I'm being watched - this could go on forever!!!!!

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