Wednesday, 27 June 2012

June 27th, 2012

Ohh dear, I fear I may have "done a Lucy"..!

Was at the post office today and a guy came in to put a couple of ads in our window, one for a dresser and one for a wooden table.  It's the most fabulous wooden table you can imagine, proper farmhouse-style, chunky thing and I loved it straight away.  Turns out the guy just wants rid of it before his new table arrives and pretty much wants peanuts for the thing, so after much deliberation I called him after work and commited to buying his table, and sorted out a guy with a transit  van to get it to my house.

Did I measure my doorways?  Did I hell!  No idea how we're going to get it in the house, it's certainly not coming in the front, so the only option is down the side and through the back, which isn't easy at all as it'll involve turning my almost-2-metre-long table through almost 180 degrees...this may be a complete disaster!!!!!

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