Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February 29th, 2012

Happy Leap Year Day!  And, more importantly, happy 7 months until my wedding day!  It was so nie of the world to give me a February 29th this year so I could continue my wedding countdown accurately, love that!

So I must fill you in on the past couple of days, or at least explain why my last two blog posts have been so rubbish!  As some of you may knnow, Andy and I met through our joint love of Meat Loaf (singer, not food!)...I've loved him since I was 7 and have spent pretty much my whole life following him.  I met Andy through the fanclub and now we get to do it all together, if Mr Loaf tours, we're there, so we're very well-travelled of the world's arenas!

Anyway, yesterday Meat was in London promoting his new album so of course we went down to see him, which was great as the last tour ended in December 2010 and we were starting to have something that resembled a normal life!  Great day, great to see some old friends, and of course the man himself.  He was on top form and made time at the end of the event to come and say Hi and wish us Good Luck with the wedding, aw! (The pic is Andy, me & our friend Michael - not Meat Loaf!)

Back to reality today (though today has been an epic business day, as you'll find out in tomorrow's blog!) feet are blistered, can hardly feel my legs, but all worth it!

I must now change the topic completely and refer back to one of my previous blog entries... Yorkshire Puddings.  Some of you will have seen my rather magnificent Yorkshires that I made due to putting an extra egg in the mixture.  Now, this morning I received a phonecall from the person who gave me the recipe wondering where his credit was, so I must publically thank Geoff  "The Brigadier" Carr who told me to do it.  I actually suspect that I should be thanking Mrs Carr (my Cheshire Mum!) because I do not believe for one minute that the man whose recipe for Steak & Kidney Pie consisted of him going shopping to buy steaks, kidneys and pie would ever have come up with this on his own.  But all the same, Thank You Geoff - where would I be without you?!

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