Friday, 24 February 2012

February 24th, 2012

So today I discovered Pinterest...someone's going to have to explain it to me though!  My understanding is that it's basically an online pin board/mood board where you can upload pics of your favourite things and places and things that inspire you...which is great but I'm not entirely sure what happens after that?!  Do you "follow" or "like" a board so you can keep up to date with it?  Not a clue, but when I do get to grips with it one of my first pics will be this -

As someone with a fairly serious button fetish these are just a dream to me!  Really want to have a go at some of these (need to do something with the millions of buttons upstairs!) and don't tell Andy but I've still not ruled these out for the wedding, I just love them!

The biggest Well Done to whoever made them - they are fantastic!


  1. A late visit from Handmade Monday! I too have heard much about pinterest, but have have also heard it is very time consuming and visiting blogs is that too! Love the button flowers too!
    Jo x

  2. Pinterest is fab. Follow people (or just boards if you prefer) and they'll show in your stream. The more you pin, the more repins and followers you'll acquire. Try repinning your favourites to begin with. Do you have the pin toolbar? If so, you can pin that image from here and may even get some traffic back! I am 1stUniqueGifts on Pinterest - come and have a look at my boards! I love it, but it is far too addictive!