Sunday, 5 August 2012

August 5th, 2012

Wedding fever continues here, though slightly tainted as I've barely slept for worrying about my wedding dress!  Seriously, 4 hours after I went to bed I was still awake and stressed!  But it'll be'll have to be!

Lunch with the best man today, so lots of talk of stag do's (and stag don'ts!) and then a trip to look at some of the bits we'd like to put on our wedding list.

That was awesome actually, the tennis had just started when we set off, got to the TV department in the shop and waited there for the match to finish so saw Andy Murray win.  Was such a great atmosphere, everyone stopped their shopping to watch the match and the cheer that went up when he won was wonderful.  Then a couple of minutes later they announced his win over the PA system and the whole shop broke into applause...felt quite emotional!!  Go Team GB!

Right, feet are going up and I am NOT thinking about this wedding dress...not one bit.... 

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