Sunday, 5 August 2012

August 4th, 2012

Well it's here - there is a bought and paid for wedding dress in my house!

Something of a stress with it, counting down the minutes until I can get to the seamstress and make some serious changes (more than planned actually) but it's making me feel utterly sick to think about it, so will be distracting myself for a week!

Maid of Honour dress is stunning, and Helen looks stunning in it!  We've been so lucky with it, I chose the dress online, Helen went to the shop and tried on a sample dress so she knew it was OK but I'd not seen it.  I also guessed the colour based on a 1" square of fabric that I had sent!  But we've hit gold (well, green!) and it looks beautiful!

What a night for Team GB too!!  Wouldn't have minded being in that stadium tonight!!!

***I've managed to mess up with loads of these posts, need to stop trying to post from my phone so they actually publish!***

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