Tuesday, 14 August 2012

August 14th, 2012

With 6 weeks to go until the wedding I've decided to have one last health push!

In the kitchen you can't move for fruit, fat-free yoghurt and green tea, the natural shampoo is in the bathroom, exfoliating facial scrubs by the sink...I think I'm pretty geared up for this!

I just figure that the better I feel physically the better I'll feel in every other way, which really isn't a theory that should only be applying to the wedding but it's certainly a good reason to start.  It's right though, I think if you feel generally healthy and presentable you work better, so I have every intention of maintaining this long after the wedding.

In other news I *think* the dress is sorted, got to wait another couple of week for delivery which is less than ideal but at least I can sleep knowing things are moving!

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