Wednesday, 9 May 2012

May 9th, 2012

Well it's official, I'm back to the physio :(

Was seeing a physio last year for a buldginf disc in my back, and turned out the muscles in my neck are too tight too.  The result being referred pain in my legs, head and my wrists, which is a nightmare as it stops me sewing! 

Originally I was seeing a physio who decided that the pains in my wrists were RSI.  I pointed out that it would surely be extremely unlikely to get RSI in both wrists at the same time but she was having none of it and threw both wrists into splints, then asked what I do for a living!  Have you tried knitting with your wrists and hands in splints?!  It didn't go well!

Anyway, it's all flaired up again recently so I'm going back, I think lots of rest, TLC and a holiday are probably needed ;-)

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