Monday, 14 May 2012

May 14th, 2012

So finally, after what feels like months of rain, the fabulous folks at Dobege Photography finally managed to get some outdoor pics of my bags!  Typically I needed them as soon as the weather turned and it's not been dry or light for long enough to get them done, but we got there eventually, and well worth the wait I think.

Really pleased with the outdoor shots, the natural light really brings out the colours in the fabrics, and in a weird way I think the bags look more in context than any of the other shots - outside, being held by someone wearing a coat is, I suppose, the exact setting we see handbags in every day, we just don't notice!

Back to some serious sewing tomorrow, expecting a delivery of fabric and cushion pads so I can get this wholesale order completed...I still get excited about fabric deliveries, and you know I really hope I never grow out of that!  Happy Handmade Monday everyone!


  1. I love these but I have to say the fabric on the second one's so eye catching.

  2. They look fab. You're right about the context, too.

  3. I love them both! They're really quirky & pretty :)

  4. I love the bags. The photos look really great.

  5. The bags are fab, really bright and colourful.


  6. so funky, these bags are great