Thursday, 31 May 2012

May 31st, 2012

Ohhh dear...I have a poorly sewing machine :(

I think it was heading towards needing a service anyway but I've well and truly pushed it over the edge!  I think it was doing those thick canvas bags I was on about, they were too thick so I had to really pull them through the machine and I think I've pulled the machine out of line with itself, the needle is hitting the metal plate and snapping, so mid-stitch there's an almighty bang and a metal needle goes flying - not nice!

This happened once before when I was doing embroidery on some hand-made felt, actually it really knocked my confidence on the machine.  The bang is so heavy and you're right on top of it so it's quite un-nerving to start stitching again, you're poised waiting for the next bang!

So off to the doctors it's going, hoping it won't be away for too long, or too expensive!!

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