Monday, 9 April 2012

April 9th, 2012

Nice day of not a lot today!  Last day of a bank holiday weekend, we're back to work tomorrow so made the most of doing almost nothing today.  Did get lots of little jobs done though, you know those jobs that you always mean to do but they never get done, then when you do them you wonder why you didn't bother doing them sooner?!  That's what we did!

Moved the clock, put some pictures up which have been leaning against a wall for goodness knows how long, put some bits in the loft...little things but they've made a difference!

Got a week on my own this week so I'm sure it'll be a productive week at Lucy Liz HQ as I tend just to work through if I'm alone...not good for me but there's no reason to stop when no-one else is here!  So not to wish my life away, but just now I'll be going to bed and wishing it's Friday when he'll be getting home!

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