Wednesday, 25 April 2012

April 25th, 2012

Long day, neck feels like it's almost broken, shoulders are on fire, and I think there's more lactic acid in my upper body than there is blood..

But none of that matters because today, after a long wait, I finally received a picture of my wedding dress!!  When I ordered the dress it was so new that it hadn't even been to it's photoshoot yet so wasn't online, and it's still not online now but the designer kindly emailed me the image from the photoshoot.  So great to finally be able to look at it whenever I want!

Weirdly, it doesn't look as nice in the pic as it does on, I think some textiles are just like that aren't they, it's much nicer in the flesh.  I'm also having some alterations done to it so mine will really be a one off!

Can't wait to go for the fitting - roll on June!

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