Saturday, 24 September 2011

How utterly rubbish am I? There I was, all full of blogging-beans, and what happened?! Must keep on top of this - must do better!!

Thought today I'd introduce you all to my litle clutch bags. As a lot of you know my "speciality" is felting, but I'm also such a massive fan of surface design and print, so when I came across these fabrics I just thought it would be criminal not to use them!!!

In the range so far we've got newspaper-print, animal prints, butterflies, birds, landmarks...there's definitely something for everyone in the range and it's getting bigger by the day!!

Most of you won't know that I actually made clutches a few years ago, but the biggest development - which has definitely been a change for the better - is the addition of the metal top frame. They've given my bags a stability and professional finish that I just wasn't able to achieve with my original bags, and you can't go wrong with a bit of shine huh!!!

Whilst the outsides of the bags are cotton, I've of course lined them with felt (couldn't leave it out now could I?!) for a good, long lasting bag that'll be with you for all occassions.

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  1. Lovely purses, especially the New York one. Very smart