Sunday, 4 September 2011

All You Need Is Love!

As well as the bigger pieces I make, I always like to have a good range of little "bits"...I'm sure everyone knows we're not in the best of times financially so I like to have a selection of little somethings for people to treat themselves (or others) to - we might all be skint but we all still deserve a little pressie every now and then!! 

My favourite of my little somethings is my love heart brooches.  There are two types, some entirely felt, and some felt and fabric, in lots of prints and colours so there's something for everyone.  And of course, no product of mine is complete without a button or several! ;-)

I love the felt hearts, I'm such a felt fan anyway and it really lends itself to being cut and manipulated when I stuff the hearts.  Style-wise I'm so pleased with these but if I'm to continue them I must learn to blanket stitch faster!!  They take forever!!!

The other batch are these fabric ones - fabric on the front, felt on the back, and they actually match my fabric clutch bag range (which, unless you've checked my Facebook or website you won't have seen yet!)  These are cut using those zig-zag scissors -  I want to call them pinking shears (spelling?!) but that reminds me of sometheing you'd use in gardening...anyways, that's what I use, and they're very effective but my goodness are they heavy!  I might be able to make the products quicker but I always have to allow for the time lost to hand cramp!!

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